Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts

Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts

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It’s time to earn your Sewing Badge!!

Ages 8 and up

Join us for a fun class of sewing! Learn basic sewing skills, sewing safety, and machine sewing while making a cute project with your friends. Sewing is a great skill to learn early on!


Workshops are 1 hour and 30 minutes and start at $25 per student. We can host up to 8 Scouts at a time. Larger troops usually come in two sessions. 


Troop leaders can choose between machine sewing or hand sewing. Projects are selected depending on age group. Project types: key fobs, scrunchies, banner, cookie pillows, etc.

Please call for more details or to schedule your next troop meeting.

Days vary depending on troops needs.


**please add the quantity of students that will be attending**